How are you? We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and our hope is that you will accomplish your weight loss goals as quickly and easily as possible!

Here at Orlando Weight Loss Center, a subsidiary of Advanced Hypnosis Institute, we offer you cutting edge mental training and weight loss techniques, which include, hypnosis, self hypnosis, neuro-linguistic-suggestion, and other weight loss tactics.

Our founder and author of “The Secrets of Persuasion”, Daniel Olson, oversees our facility to ensure maximum effectiveness and client satisfaction. With over 25 years of coaching, NLP training, and hypnotic mastery, Daniel is well equipped to ensure your success.

For questions about how we can help you, or to arrange an appointment to speak with Daniel for direct questions, please call 407.740.6090 today!

To Your Weight Loss Success,

The Orlando Weight Loss Center Team

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